Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection Diesel injectors fail because of two main reasons:

  1. Either it is the mechanical soundness of the injector structure, OR,
  2. The quality of the fuel running through the injector.

Is There a Fuel Injector Problem?

By having proper maintenance performed, like changing your fuel filter regularly, many problematic practices are avoided. Diesel owners in general, will go thousands of trouble-free miles without a problem.

Older diesel engines (pre-common-rail), only use about 1⁄2 the fuel pressure modern engines do, and older injectors send the fuel through much larger passages. Modern common-rail diesel injectors can fire two or three times per engine cycle—this doubles the wear on the injector compared to diesels of the past.

Mechanical Failures
According to Exergy Engineering, injectors have five major reasons why they fail.
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