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Injection Pump Rebuilds

We use the latest tools and information provided to us by the original fuel injection equipment manufacturer. Rebuilding injectors is more than just cleaning and replacing seals and gaskets; the nozzles are replaced, the sealing surfaces are lapped and opening pressures are set, in addition to new seals and gaskets.

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Fuel Injector Service

Diesel injectors fail because of two main reasons. Either it is the mechanical soundness of the injector structure or low quality of the fuel running through the injector.
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Engine Rebuild Services

When internal damage is found early, the engine can be taken apart to see if a rebuild or replacement is in order you may only want to replace the rod and main bearings, or you might need us to perform a full rebuild.
Reliable Diesel Repair Professionals in Havana, FL

Reliable Diesel Repair Professionals in Havana, FL

Robert Donalson has been working on Diesel Engines for nearly 30 years. He understands, along with his team, you can’t be an expert in every area. This is why he focuses his Time, Studying and Preparation, and has his most Experience with: Diesel Transmissions Fuel Injectors Engine Rebuilds. Along with his son, Taylor,and experienced technicians Joseph, Jacob, and Romney, they form a Top Notch Team you can Trust with your Diesel Engines. Come out and meet them and let them demonstrate to you their Emphasis on High Quality Work, at a Fair Price, done in their Typical Timely Work Habits. You will be glad you did.

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I wouldn’t trust our fleet of diesel trucks to anyone other than Donalson’s. They are the real deal.
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John Sikes
When I was left stranded with a faulty transmission Donalson’s showed me where the damage had occurred, how they were going to fix it and how much it would cost. You can’t beat honesty.
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Linda Guthrie
I don’t trust my power stroke diesel to just anybody. In fact, I only trust Robert to take care of my engine when I need a repair.
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Mark Allen

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We deliver on-time, meet on budget and come through with your expectations

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We deliver on-time, meet on budget and come through with your expectations

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